Safe room

THE SAFETY ROOM is the place where you can safely hide in case of a burglary, call for help and wait safely for it to arrive. In this room, the walls and, if necessary, the ceiling and the floor are reinforced by steel plates, the windows are protected and burglar resistant door is installed. The safety room can be equipped both in private houses and commercial premises. Moreover, in this room, important documents and expensive jewellery can be safely stored; and if you are going on a longer trip, you can place all valuable assets there. It is like a big safe.

Safety room is not a new invention. Their history reaches the times of Egyptian pharaohs, when secret rooms were equipped to store valuables. During the Middle Ages, they were used for protecting people. Rich land owners and merchants equipped rooms, where they could hide in case of an attack. Today safety rooms can have even more functions than protecting people and their assets: they can be used in case of natural elements (tornadoes, storms, etc.), biological or chemical attack.

JSC “Plieninis skydas” first introduced the service of equipping safety rooms in foreign markets and now – in Lithuania. We also provide the maintenance – from door manufacturing to reinforcing the walls, ceiling and floor.


Safe room. Project – installation – result.

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