In always striving to be sure about the quality of our products, we continuously analyse them in scientific research laboratories, invest iproduction process and personel. Company meets the requiremets of the quality management system LST EN ISO 9001:2008 that is recognizes all over the world:

We usually test our doors in one of the most famous IFT ROSENHEIM testing laboratory in Germany.

To improve the properties of doors we used the know-how of longtime experience and the researches at scientific laboratories.

Burglar resistance tests were carried out in notified IFT ROSENHEIM testing laboratory in Germany.

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 The certificate of bullet – proof doors

The tests were performed according to EN 1522 standard in Beschussamt Ulm laboratory, Germany.
Test results: FB4.

The certificates of fire resistant doors

The tests of fire resistance were performed in IFT ROSENHEIM testing laboratory in Germany and Inspecta Estonia OU, Estonia.
Test results: EI130/ EI245/ E60.

Certificates of sound isolation index. Tests in IF ROSENHEIM testing laboratory in Germany .


Determining of heat transfer coefficient.

This test is complying with ISO 12567-1:2000 und LST EN ISO 8990. The research results: heat transfer coefficient: Ust=1 W(m2K).

Reliability research. Durability of repeated closing and opening the door.


This test is complying with LST EN 1191:2001. The tested product has been tested for the 5th class, number of cycles 100.000. The research results: changing grade V=0%.