Implemented projects


Implemented projects

UAB Plieninis skydas has more than ten-year experience in manufacturing armoured, security and entrance doors. During this period, we have proven ourselves as a reliable partner both to private customers and various organisations in the construction field.

We are proud that most of our new customers choose us after recommendations of people and organisations that are satisfied with our completed projects.

Currently, nearly all major Lithuanian construction organisations, architects and projectors have selected us as their long-term partners.


Entrance doors, Copenhagen, Denmark


Apartment doors, Copenhagen, Denmark




 Entrance and apartment doors, Copenhagen, Denmark


Apartment doors, Karlskrona, Sweden 


  Apartment doors, Karlskrona, Sweden       

Bullet proof entrance doors and windows in Belgium


Bullet proof windows in UK, London



 Entrance doors, Embassy of Nigeria, London, UK 


Entrance doors, hotel KEMPINSKI, Vilnius



Bullet proof entrance doors, Bank of Lithuania, Money Museum, Vilnius


Apartment doors, "YIT Kausta būstas", "Fizikų namai", Vilnius


Apartment doors, "YIT Kausta būstas" Kairiukščio g. 32, Vilnius


 Apartment doors, "YIT Kausta būstas" "Krivių namai" Vilnius


 Apartment doors, HANNER "Bajorų kalvos", Vilnius


Entrance doors, "PST", Vilnius


Apartment doors, NORTH STAR Verkių g. 23, Vilnius


Burglar resistant doors in a special premises of procurators, Vilnius


Apartment doors, SMĖLIO NAMAI Smėlio g. 8, Vilnius



Apartment doors, Antakalnio terasos, Vilnius


Apartment doors, Čiurlionio g. 84B, Vilnius


Apartment doors, Klaipėdos g., Vilnius


Apartment doors, Konarskio g. 2A, Vilnius


Apartment doors, M.Mažvydo g., Vilnius


Apartment doors, Mėta, Vilnius


Apartment doors, Nidos g., Vilnius


Apartment doors, Žirmūnų g., Vilnius




Apartment doors, A.Rotundo g. 4A, Vilnius


Apartment doors, Blindžių g. 9, Vilnius


Cottage doors, "Domus extra" Visorių sodų g. 5-oji, Vilnius


  Apartment doors, "Kamintras" Vaduvos g. 30C, 30D, Vilnius


   Apartment doors, LUIDAS "Linksmasis kvartalas", Vilnius


 Apartment doors, "Merko statyba" "Gabijos didysis", Vilnius


 Apartment doors, "Ranga IV" "Perkūnkiemis", Vilnius


Apartment doors, Salotės g. 59, Vilnius


Apartment doors, Sėlių g. 10, Vilnius


Apartment doors,"Ukmergės statyba", Saulėtekio al.


Apartment doors, "Ukmergės statyba", Žygio g. 92d, Vilnius


Apartment doors, "VITI", Vilnius


Apartment doors, "Vilniaus akmuo", Žirmūnų g. 106 Vilnius


Apartment doors, "Domus baltija", "Centro namas", Kaunas

Centro namas     

 Apartment doors, "Aramsta" "Vėjų rožė", Palanga


Apartment doors, "Boritila", Klaipėda


Apartment doors, EIKA, Pilaitė, Vilnius


 Apartment doors, "Eko sala" Vytauto g. 7, Klaipėda


Apartment doors, "Klaipėdos burė", Klaipėda


Apartment doors, Lokių g. 8, Vilnius


Apartment doors, "MANTO NAMAI", Klaipėda


Apartment doors, "Miletina", Žvėrynas, Vilnius


Apartment doors, "RŪMAS", Pilaitė, Vilnius


Apartment doors, "VILMESTA" Pilaitė, Vilnius





Apartment doors, "Adakris" Savanorių pr. 18, Vilnius


Apartment doors,  "CENTRO NAMAI" Mindaugo g. 23, Vilnius


Apartment doors,  EIKA, Klaipėda


Apartment doors,  EIKA, "VIVULSKIO NAMAI" Vivulskio g. 18, Vilnius


Apartment doors,  EMBASSY HOUSE Kalinausko g. 24, Vilnius


Apartment doors,  HANNER "Gudelių šilas", Vilnius



Apartment doors,  "Hanner", Jalta, Ukraina


Apartment doors, "Hermio projektai" Mosėdžio g. 7, Kaunas


Apartment doors,  "Ištaka" Antagynės g. 15, Kaunas


Apartment doors,  "Kabantys sodai" Smolensko g. 10, Vilnius


Apartment doors,  "Kalstas" Girios al., Kaunas


Apartment doors,   "Kalstas" "Vaidoto vilos", Kaunas


Apartment doors,  "Kamintras" Kaminkelio g., Vilnius


Apartment doors,  "Kamintras", Pagiriai


Apartment doors, "Kamintras" Taikos g. 263, Vilnius


Apartment doors,  "Kamintras" Rato g. 58, Vilnius


Apartment doors, "Kauno dujotekio statyba", Trinapolio g., Vilnius


Apartment doors,  Klaipėda


Apartment doors,  "MERKO STATYBA" Vivulskio g. 12D, Vilnius


Apartment doors,  "Mobusta" Žukausko g. 2 / Ulonų g. 3, Vilnius


Apartment doors,  Kalvarijų g. 99, Vilnius


Apartment doors,  Palanga


Apartment doors, "Šaltinio gatvės kvartalas", Šaltinio g 3, Marijampolė


Apartment doors,  "Santariškių namai", Santariškių g. 45, Vilnius


Apartment doors,  "Šebsta", "Lyra", Kaunas


Apartment doors, SIV "Mykolojaus žiedas", Vilnius


Apartment doors,  "Statversas" "Šv. Stepono devintukas", Vilnius


Apartment doors,  "Statybų Linija" Sluškų g. 3, Vilnius




Apartment doors,  "Veikmės statyba", Vilnius




Apartment doors,  "Vilniaus akmuo" Žirmūnų g. 30C, Vilnius


Apartment doors,  "YIT Kausta" "Lazdyno namai", Kaunas


Apartment doors,  "Hermio projektai" Jonučiai, Kauno raj.


Apartment doors,   "Imobiliar", "Prie parko", Vilnius